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Mobile contents:

Aggregation of high quality mobile contents in the Content Management System Module of the Service Delivery Platforms for Content Distribution. Managing a catalogue of high quality mobile contents, not limited to Music, Videos, Mobile Games, Mobile Applications, Ringtones and  Wallpapers for distribution.
A catalogue of high quality mobile contents, not limited to 600,000 Mobile Games, 250,000 Mobile Applications, 7,000,000 Ringtones, 2,000,000 Wallpapersand 4,000,000 Videos for distribution.
Branded/ Unbranded Contents: Football, Games, cartoons,  Religious Preaching/ Devotional contents, Gossip, Comedy, African Music/ Videos (48 Guineano Artists),Foreign Music/ video songs (top billboard songs, MTV songs, slide shows of celebrities…e.t.c),Hidden Camera, Bollywood, Nollywood, Hollywood News, Spanish Contents, e.t.c,

Call Tunes: All top songs will be available as RBT and can be downloaded or streamed

Subscription services:

  • Entertainment contents
  • Animations
  • Jokes
  • Real tones
  • Mobile radio contents
  • Video downloads
  • Java games
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Wallpapers
  • Logos
  • Caller tunes
  • Video caller tunes
  • Themes
  • Screen savers
  • E-Newsletter
  • Religious (e.g. Christian, Muslim)
  • Love Tips (e.g. Dating, Career, Beauty)
  • Information services


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