Mobile Marketing

We connect brands with their consumers by harnessing mobile technologies with innovative thinking and conceptual capabilities to deliver high quality, creative mobile marketing campaigns. Enabling brand marketers engage consumers in an intimate and entertaining way giving them a greater influence over their customers’ behaviour.
We support our clients to integrate mobile space to their marketing mix by working closely with brand teams to ensure they meet their objectives; driving sales, rewarding loyalty and building profiled databases for campaigns.
We help companies and communities take advantage of the commercial opportunities that came about due to changes in the way people use their mobile phones and the internet.

  • We provide CALLER NAME WITH FLASH SMS MESSAGE; Caller will have the opportunity to choose to set & display their names and/or company name and/or greeting, promotion, information, caution or any text info etc., along with their MSISDNs (Mobile Number) through Flash SMS on outgoing calls by self-defined choice to the Called Party.
    When placing an outgoing call, the system will display a flash SMS in called partys' phone during call time.


  • We provide EXPRESS YOURSELF THROUGH FLASH SMS MESSAGE; Called Party will have the opportunity to set & display their customized message like greeting, promotion, information, caution or any text info through Flash SMS on incoming calls.When an incoming call comes, the system will display a flash SMS in caller mobile phone during the ring time. Called Party who requires customized information to be displayed on Caller’s mobile phone, they can easily display their greetings, promotion, information, caution or any text information through Flash SMS.


  • We empower brands across the industries to use mobile to promote and transform their businesses using mobile service management systems that utilizes shortcode numbers & telecoms infrastructure to deliver enterprise mobile marketing campaigns, cross-channel media interactivity, payment solutions & highly secure messaging applications.


  • We engage your customers in a fun way using highly interactive platforms. With SMS shortcodes, brands can connect directly with their customers by running on-pack promotions that reward participants. This drives sales by engaging your customers and ensuring top of mind awareness of your brand. 
    Instantly drive new customer acquisition whilst rewarding loyal customers.
    Capture customer data and use inbuilt tools to track and analyze your campaigns


  • Through our web-fronted dashboard or via integration directly into your existing IT infrastructure at the interface level, Mobile users are able to expand their professional, social and service-related interactions through SMS, and mobile applications, handling all 2-way SMS messaging & application scenarios. 
    With the ease of integration of our platform into existing applications & systems at user interface level. We provide uniform delivery notifications across all networks while being highly secure. We provide comprehensive reporting and tracking tools via dashboard.


  • We provide SMS voting and polling service that allows brands to easily and quickly find out what their audience is thinking. Applicable across a wide variety of industries including Corporations, Promoters & Event Planners, Educators & Students, Market Researchers and Public Speakers e.t.c. 
    It quickly canvasses opinions from a large group of people about your products.
    It saves time and money spent on producing, administering and collating questionnaires.
    Engage your audience, add excitement and re-energize participants at events.


  • On average, it takes less than 5 seconds to deliver a message, which is then read within 5 minutes by more than 95% of recipients. SMS messaging is still the most efficient and personal way Castek Cloud enables you to communicate. Our messaging platform covers mobile networks across Africa.

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