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We provide PAYMENT CREDIT(FOR VOICE, DATA, CONTENT AND MCOMMERCE); If any subscriber doesn’t have sufficient balance or zero balance, then we not only arrange credit for Voice call, but we also arrange credit for Data, Content, mCommerce etc.
-Airtime Credit service provides airtime balance while a Mobile subscriber reaches low or zero balance and repay after the next balance top-up.
-Data Credit service allows Mobile subscribers to obtain mobile internet/data package in advance and repay after the next balance top-up.
-Content Credit service provides Mobile subscribers a possibility to obtain any kind of mobile content even with not enough balance to pay a full price, and repay the content price at the moment of next balance top-up.
-mCommerce Credit service allows Mobile subscribers to use mobile commerce services even with zero balance with further repayment from next balance top-up

Our Payment is a mobile-based billing platform which merchants can use for Micro Payments such as in-app purchases, in-game top-ups and virtual goods. The payment is via USSD, Premium SMS, which is billed to the consumer’s mobile phone account.
It easily integrates into existing applications & systems at user interface level. You enjoy the best revenue sharing rates the market has to offer. 

Short Codes:

Shortcodes service allows enterprises to create a unique mobile identity and manage SMS text based campaigns and initiatives through a web based interface.
Castek cloud provides web based tools that allow:

  • Shortcode management
  • Campaign management
  • Real time data analytics
  • Keyword management
  • Single window interface

The SMS feedback system is the world's most advanced mobile SMS based customer facing tool. The system enables business owners, organizations, public and non public sectors to solicit instant and useful feedback from customers instantly.

Key features:

  • Self creation and management of customer interactions like surveys, quick polls, votes and competitions without dependency on a third party
  • Create, schedule and launch campaigns through an intuitive web interface
  • Ability to add footer messages for promotion and ad campaigns, both operator and circle specific
  • Real-time tracking, reporting and analytics
  • Ability to measure your marketing efforts and allow access to prospective clients and qualified leads, instantly
  • Multiple language options for national access
  • 24/7 maintenance support

The solution allows enterprises to fully leverage the omnipresent nature of SMS technology, in an uncomplicated, efficient and non-intrusive manner. The tool provides different modules for a range of usage. The modules are user friendly and can be incorporated into the present system with great ease.
Keyword Management: Allows enterprises to create new keywords for usage as well as its sub keywords for parameter based responses. This feature also enables users to set time based responses against keywords. One can set different responses at different time intervals against a keyword.
Footer Management: This feature helps enterprises to use different footers in an SMS message according to requirement. With this functionality the same keyword can return different responses for different circles and operators.
Campaign Management: An intuitive, web-based interface for creating and managing mobile orientated campaigns. This module enables enterprises to run contests, conduct polls, Receive feedback, and Create surveys to understand the market pulse. Thus enterprises can promote their business by reaching large number of customers in interactive ways.

The service operates on a flexible, modular and scalable platform that can easily integrate with third party applications via any globally accepted APIs. Centered on convenience and flexibility, this integrated multi-serve platform enables enterprises to connect to mobile operators and speedily set up and launch SMS campaigns including product promotions, competitions, contests and text voting.
The platform also allows customizable campaigns to be set up in advance, including keyword selection, standard reply message and date and time of campaign.

Bulk messaging:

Bulk Messaging Services (SMS/MMS). The service enables enterprises to broadcast, track and analyze bulk SMS/MMS’ to their customers for updates, transaction alerts, marketing and customer care. 
Castek cloud has deep specialization across various enterprise domains like Banking & Finance, Media, Travel & Hospitality, Health Care, Real Estate, Insurance & Stock broking, FMCG & Consumer Durable, Courier & Logistics, Online Portals, amongst others.
The system comprises of a highly robust and scalable platform, fully managed by Castek cloud. Desktop tools are provided for sending SMS broadcasts, event based alerts, consumer messaging, traffic analysis and administration of the platform.
Castek Clouds' WAP application makes it all easier.

  • SMS Broadcast Tool
  • Real time data analytics

The service operates on a secure platform with HTTPS, Password authentication and Audit trail with subscriber management facilities, including Specific Region Barring.
The platform is extremely scalable and supports multiple connectivity protocols. The core platform enables Real-time Load distribution, priority based routing and auto SMSC failover support. With real-time billing, it supports billing per message.
Centered on convenience, flexibility, and seamless integration of messaging services and data access, the platform can manage high peak-loads. It also has a flexible and modular architecture with an ability to integrate third party applications and an effective flow control mechanism to counter increased traffic load.

E-Center Service:


WEB/WAP portal development

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