Messaging Services

Service Alerts:
Castek Cloud provides service alert services

Field Service Dispatch:
Castek Cloud provides SMS dispatch systems for high priority work orders, delivering Sales Force Integration solutions. The solution is to integrate an SMS workflow for highest priority messages work order to be dispatched to the Field Agent via TEXT and the TEXT communication is captured in sales force system for full communication loop to be monitored and audited.

Two-Factor Authentication:
Castek Cloud provides Two-factor Authentication for PIN delivery

Warranty and Repair:
Castek Cloud provides Work Scheduling and Call forwarding services from ONE number. We provide Device Repair services by connecting consumers to service technicians, consumers send a request to Technicians for a fix and Consumers can send pictures of Device via MMS to request for a quote.

Password Resets:
Castek Cloud provides password reset services

Payments Reminders:
Castek Cloud provides Payment Reminder services

Concierge Sales
Castek Cloud provides strategic sales and marketing services for business to receive more visitors. Customer service or sales Associate will TEXT or MMS Consumers on Product Ideas and Styles when they get to the stores and when leaving the stores on things that might be of interest.

Feedback Systems:   
Castek Cloud provides a simple solution designed to address customer service challenges by providing a platform to interact with customers via their mobile phones, soliciting instant and useful feedback from customers instantly. Customers can make sales enquiries, request a callback, and even receive a link to your company’s site by sending an SMS to a shortcode number.
There is cost savings from call center deflections.
Special offers will reach customers regardless of location.
Customers can get the information they need quickly and easily with the ability to create an instant dialogue without a voice call.

Subscription Services:
Castek Cloud provides Content subscription Channels changing the way to deliver multimedia contents including pictures, cartoons, text, video and audio.

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