About Castek Cloud

Castek Cloud diversifies to engage in Business Consulting Services, Marketing(Cross-Industry/ Cross-Border), Digital Services, Value-Added Services (NCC Regulated),Content Management Services,  amongst other services and providing necessary needs to organizations and communities, with the appropriate technology. Coupled with our global presence and local understanding of the African Markets, we deliver to the continents leading players.

Castek Cloud undergoes business transformation to provide services spanning Digital territorial Services, Mobile contents and Mobile community services.

We stand out as Value-Added Service providers for the Telecommunications and Services Industry, providing Business Intelligence (Analytics), Content Management Enhancement strategies and Content Access Channels changing the way to deliver services and promotion of contents including multimedia; pictures, cartoons, text, video and audio.

We provide innovative Mobile VAS and other traditional VAS products and solutions for Mobile Network Operators(MNOs),Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), Mobile Financial Service Providers (MFSPs), Mobile Device Manufacturers (MDMs), Insurance Companies and Enterprise Software Business.

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